Friday, September 12, 2014

Around the Web: Guest Posts about Lorna Jane and The National Diaper Network

It's been a busy week, but I wanted to share some of the fun that I've had this week.

You won't want to miss my guest post over at Dallas Single Mom about the fun, Australian activewear line Lorna Jane that is designed for women by women.  It's fantastic.

Teia Collier at Lorna Jane Northpark

In the post, I share my favorite pieces from the styling session and talk about how I added a little color to my active wear wardrobe and enjoyed this post-baby body a bit more.  It's a lot of fun, and if you see a Lorna Jane Active store -- go in and pick up a couple of pieces -- you won't be sorry.  In Dallas -- there is one in NorthPark Center and another to be popping up in Frisco soon.

Also, live on AskMissA, I share about the National Diaper Bank Network supported in part by Huggies' Every Little Bottom Campaign, the real problem plaguing American moms of Diaper Need and how you can help.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Television: Will you be watching Black-ish?

The new fall line up for ABC looks to be continuing the must-watch television phenomenon with the new seasons of cult-favorites Scandal and Grey's Anatomy from the hit machine Shondaland and the much buzzed How to Get Away with Murder.  When word came across that the new comedy targeted to families named "Black-ish" is set to air as well.

My initial thought was "What the H$ll?" -- as I bristled at the name.

Black-ish?  Um... no.

Is that the close cousin of White-ish or maybe even Brown-ish?

How exactly does a family act 'Black' or 'White' for that matter?  How might a family act like they are "American"... what degree is just enough?

It feels wrong, horribly tacky and out of date and time.  It sets the tone that it might not be an experience that I want to share with my biracial children.

It made me wonder if the family actually had a name like the Millers or Fockers -- that no one felt the need to distinguish that they were white in the title.  I felt a twinge of anger and disappointment as I remembered past experiences with people that had "forgotten" that I had a name and referred to me as 'that black girl' or when someone would say 'well that's good for a black woman' as if a clarification was needed.

But then I settled into watch the clips and set my sensitivity aside, they are funny... in a Cosby's meets King of Queens kind of way.  It tells the story of a black family living in the suburbs and how they relate to their community and how they stay (or try to stay connected to their cultural heritage).

The show is pulling from a serious talent pool as well with Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Marsai Martin and Laurence Fishburne, and the show has a major network backing it. It also has the opportunity to be fun, enlightening, relevant and entertaining, but I wonder how many will say "Pass..." due to the missed opportunity in naming.

Premiering Wednesday, September 24th at 8:30pm, I wonder what the opening audiences will be for Black-ish on ABC?  In the comments below, I am curious as to your thoughts.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Event: DALLAS: Enjoy a Drive-in Movie and An ABC Sneak Peek on September 4

Looking for a family friendly date night?  See below.

This Thursday on September 4th, take the family and enjoy a classic movie and a Sneak Peek at a new ABC show... all for free at Coyote Drive In in Ft. Worth.
credit: Coyote Drive In

Goodness knows, I love a drive-in.  It's a great way to have a classic experience with your littles, by yourself or as a retro-fabulous date night that is more than just your typical dinner and a movie.

The Ft. Worth Skyline from Coyote Drive In (credit: Coyote Drive In)

My minis are 8, 6 and 8 months -- quite a spread, but it totally works -- but it requires a bit of planning and efficient packing :)

Here are my tips to having a blast at the drive-in.

1) Pack smart.

  • Pack more diapers, wipes, feeding supplies and o tanks than you think that you need.  
  • For the bigs and you, pack them each a blanket and a pillow to lay back and watch the movie.  
  • I also pack folding chairs just in case someone wants to sit outside the car or Texas style -- in the truckbed.
  • I also have my short people wear running shoes and spray them down in insect repellant since it's outside and almost without fail one of mine slips, trips or bites it in flip flops.
  • Bring a small trash bag for in-the-car trash and simply dispose when the movie is over or at intermission.

2) Arrive about 30 to 45 minutes early to get settled, find parking and get snacks.

3) Expect to buy snacks at the concession stand -- it's where the theatre makes money and is a great way for the kids (and Mama) to drop both feet into the experience.

4)Think relaxed, family fun.  No uptight Nellies will not have a blast.  The car will probably be messy when it's over, but expect to have a sweet memory to take with you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

INSPIRATION: In honor of Back to School: Soul Pancake and the HUB's Kid President

In honor of back-to-school, I present this great video from Soul Pancake's Kid President.

Cheers and many blessings for your back to the hustle,

Friday, August 15, 2014

INSPIRATION: Live in the Now

Yesterday was one of those days where I got caught up in revisiting the past, thinking of what was, what could've been, what might've been, what I thought it was and what is.  While I was wallowing in the minefield, I prayed and my spirit heard the whisper.

"Live in the Now.  

Now is where your power lies. 

Now is where you can affect changes.  

Now is your present blessing -- don't miss it crying about the past.    

Your blessing belongs to you and were made specifically for you.  Look not to someone's blessing. Your's will not compare and cannot.

Give today the gift of your attention, your affection and your focus.  

Live brightly, shine brightly and revel in the Light.

Happy Friday,


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Every family that experiences a change of some sort knows or learns quickly the value of support structures.  When you bring a baby home or add another to the mix, the need for those structures increases exponentially.

Waiting in a waiting room... don't they look super duper excited?

When I brought, N home I learned first hand the value and need for these checks, balances and opportunities for growth, breathing space, sounding boards, prayer warriors and strong shoulders. You get to learn what your strengths are and how to support those areas that need reinforcement.   

This post is to share some of my favorites resources for building my own support system, give you a space to share your own and provide some tips on how to strengthen your structure. 

A favorite found at Journey into the Spectrum

1) Family:

This is a huge one for me. They are our biggest supporters, and the ones that can bring me to almost every heightened emotion known to man.  Since I am the eldest of a close-knit 5, I have been able to benefit greatly from this resource.  They've picked up the slack, reminded me of my strength and covered us in love, prayer, conversation and lots of really good food.  

The card we made for our mother this Mother's Day.  

2) Friends:

If you are anything like me, when life gets complicated, you find yourself retreating into your clam shell a bit more than you usually might have.  It's a protective instinct, and that's fine and well... but it doesn't serve anyone, least of all you. Stay in touch with the people that love you.  Rely on those that have been with you through "heaven, hell and high water".  Don't hide and bear life's adventures alone.  That's where that saying comes from -- "Life is a banquet." (that is better off shared.) 

To my lovelies that share my life... thank you bunches!!!  
What makes a great friend from Wak4Mg

3) Faith:

The life of a preemie mom is a complicated road to say the least, but the journey lived in brighter color when you have utilized the tools in your spiritual toolbox.  Tap into your spiritual center -- pray and Find your prayer warriors, your women's leaders, your elders, your shamans and your light-bringers and stay connected. Surround yourself with some positive and encouraging folks. There are quite a few people that have trouble seeing the good in a complicated circumstance.  Let those people that can only see the problems, the dark and the negative have a time out.  It uses up valuable energy.  Time and energy are precious, and yours are even more valuable...fuel up with the good and let the rest be.

Credit: SimpleDisneyThings

4) Community Support:

Find your tribe.  Our social worker at the hospital and his NICU team informed us of great programs that have made our journey stronger, better and provide even more layers to our support structure.  These for us include the Dallas ECI team with fantastic Vision, Feeding and Speech therapists.  Remember to ask questions, don't get washed away in all the technical jargon that you do not understand the whys and hows of their programs.  (Been there) Ask and if possible, look into whole family approaches.  (works for us)

Credit: The Ladies Roundtable Dallas 

What are your favorite resources for building your support structure?  Share below.